Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Retraction

My last blog post has caused quite a stir in the Marsh Family, and my mom said I needed to write a retraction or she was going to think everything I have written these past two years has been a lie. In my last post I wrote, "I will also have things like a washing machine, dishwasher and vacuum. Household chores will be a little easier and less time consuming." My mom emailed my sister, dad and me and said, "#3 on your first list. Excuse me, when have you ever done laundry or used a vacuum at home? I laughed my head off when I saw that one." My dad later called me to say, "Hey Aubs! Just wanted to let you know, we are giving Celly [our housekeeper] her notice, since apparently you are really excited for washing machines and vacuums." Then my grandma emailed, "You don't even know what a vacuum looks like!" As you can see, my family is never going to let me live this one down. Upon texting Caroline about all the crap I was getting from my family, she replied, "You know what's funny, you don't even do your laundry here. Or mop. Eva does."

So, I guess the jig is up, and I have to come clean. I am spoiled and these things are done for me. I wasn't really fooling any of my friends here in Peace Corps because Dylan always says, "Aubrey, I'm convinced you had a butler." In my defense, I did use a washing machine and vacuum in college. Also, I do dishes when I'm at home (my mom will confirm!), so I am still excited for the dishwasher. While Caroline was right, Eva does do my mopping and washing, I still have to hand wash my underwear. It also took me a year to hire a house girl, so I used to do all that stuff. In addition, Eva is now back at school, and my other house girl, Carol, graduated. I figured I can do my own chores for the next seven weeks. Hence, I am not completely worthless.

Speaking of laundry - I have a story. The other day when I was doing laundry, I let my workout clothes soak for a while. I went to my sitting room and read on my couch while I waited. After about five minutes, I heard Stephen calling me from my back door. He was quietly saying, "Aubrey. Aubrey. My neighbor, hello?" I always leave my back door open when I'm doing laundry, so I couldn't figure out why he wasn't just coming inside my house. I got up and went to the other room to find a goat in my house drinking from my basin of laundry. I could not stop laughing, and then Stephen started cracking up. He kept saying, "Aubrey, my goat is helping you wash!"

A while back, there was an article in the New York Times about the "One World Futbol Project," and it immediately caught my interest. The One World Futbol is a soccer ball that is made out of ultra-durable foam and it is indestructible. The ball never needs to be pumped and it never goes flat - there are even YouTube videos of people running them over with cars! The ball was specifically made for third world countries since soccer balls easily pop on the uneven surfaces. I can vouch for this - during my time here, my students have been through 7 soccer balls, 3 basketballs, 1 handball and 1 volleyball. Not only would I have to pump them with air everyday, but I would also have to start patching them with duct tape and superglue after a week. Eventually, there would be no saving the ball, as it would be completely destroyed. It was beyond frustrating, but it's not really my students' fault because the yard isn't really conducive for balls - it's really uneven and there are a ton of rocks. Students usually just end up making a soccer ball out of plastic trash bags and rubber bands since those won't pop.

After reading the article about The One World Futbol Project, I forwarded it to my mom and said, "Uh, this is cool if it is actually indestructible." My mom, the online shopping addict, quickly wrote me back, "I just ordered you two!" (She is the greatest). I finally got the balls, and I am obsessed with them - along with my neighbors, students and other teachers. The ball feels like a real soccer ball, and after a week it's still going strong. Everything in Uganda tends to get destroyed, but this ball still looks brand new. I am going to donate the second ball to Namengo Boys Primary School this week, and I think they are going to be very excited. I am amazed by the ball, and I am really happy I don't have to pump it once a day.

This ball should be used everywhere, even in the US. Not only is it nice not to have to deal with pumping it with air, but it cuts down on the waste of popped soccer balls. I know, I know...I sound like a salesperson. Let me tug at your heart strings a little - for every One World Futbol you buy, one is donated to children and youth in need. I will stop now, but I really think this soccer ball is one of the better things that has happened to me since being in Uganda. Just ask Caroline and Joey, I keep texting them about how cool the soccer ball is.

Check out the website: (Ok, I'm done now!).

Below are two pictures: 1. A text from Caroline explaining what she should REALLY put on her resume; 2. Another reason I'm excited to leave - I won't feel like I am living in a zoo anymore. It's a picture of Emma staring at me through the window as I'm eating breakfast.

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